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A Perfect Net Promoter Score: Our Clients Love Us

Pepper Foster Consulting is very proud that after surveying all our clients our Net Promoter Score has increased to 100 with 100% of respondents saying they would recommend us to a friend or colleague. 

What is a Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score has become the industry standard for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. NPS scores range from -100 to +100 and a score of 0 is considered good. The published NPS for Bain & Company for example is negative (-14) whereas Accenture scored 14, PwC scored 32 and Deloitte scored 41.

“They take the time to listen and assess your needs, which allows them to make informed plans and recommendations. I genuinely appreciated the honest feedback they provided.”

-Client NPS Survey

How we help our clients

Success Story

Acquiring AI Driven Computer Vision Technology

Acquiring AI-driven computer vision technology

Innovation was key to differentiating the product, but speed was also imperative. Acquiring a company whose AI-driven computer vision technology specialized in human biomechanics was the answer.

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Success Story

 A soccer team huddled together, deep in conversation and strategizing. With a strong focus on performance analysis, the team collectively reviews past games, evaluates tactics, and demonstrates unwavering dedication to continuous improvement.

Process Optimization for Digital Innovation

Enhancing innovation process for a multinational sportswear company through stakeholder collaboration and optimized workflows.

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Success Story

A group of individuals engaged in indoor cycling. The participants' synchronized movements, determination, and resilience, reflect an agile approach to drive successful outcomes in dynamic environments

Achieving Operational Excellence in Project and Portfolio Management with Smartsheet

Custom Smartsheet solution drives project management excellence and enterprise-wide collaboration for a fitness equipment company.

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Success Story

A woman in motion, running with determination, where swift actions and organized coordination propels her towards success

Increasing Visibility of Indirect Spend For Global Savings Opportunities

Driving global procurement transformation, aligning category taxonomy and mapping UNSPSC codes for enhanced spend visibility.

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Success Story

A cross-functional project team utilizing technology to unlock growth opportunities

Enhancing Security for Growth While Streamlining Resources

Optimizing IT resources to fuel growth for a diversified and growing holdings company.

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Success Story

Smartphone user engrossed in code to safeguard data and systems, reflecting the strategic alignment of IT strategy with robust security measures and regulatory compliance

Performing IT Assessment for Security, Compliance, and Growth

Spearheading an IT assessment to enhance efficiency and foster growth for a holdings company with a diverse portfolio of 11 companies across multiple industries.

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