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Pepper Foster

Our clients love us

Pepper Foster Consulting is very proud that after surveying all our clients our Net Promoter Score has increased to 100 with 100% of respondents saying they would recommend us to a friend or colleague.

What is Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score has become the industry standard for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. NPS scores range from -100 to +100 and a score of 0 is considered good. Pepper Foster scored +90. In comparison, the published NPS for Bain, for example, is negative (-14), whereas Accenture scored +14, PwC +32, and Deloitte +41. So, a score of +90, truly is world class.

We are very proud of the work we do and very grateful for our clients and their trust. To understand how Pepper Foster Consulting can delight, impress, and make a difference for your organization, click the contact link above, or send us an email at info@pepperfoster.com.

What do our clients say we do really well?

"Partner with the business."

"Communication and building trust through transparency and partnership."

"Understanding our business at the detailed level, even when an engagement is not on the table."

"Identify tendencies and push the team to consider alternatives."

“Tailor your efforts to our needs!”

"Bringing a personal touch and sense of building a partnership."

“Most of the consultants are humble, quick to understand the business, want to add value quickly without wasting time. Willing to treat us as partners vs just another paycheck. ”

"Excellent engagement and setting expectations of outcomes and cost."

“They take the time to listen and assess your needs, which allows them to make informed plans and recommendations. I genuinely appreciated the honest feedback they provided.”

"Matchmaking: Provide great consultants for the job."

"Great experience and expertise of IT functions of PM, BA and QC."

"PFC has done an amazing job helping with our strategic planning"

"Staff are so well organized and prompt. They demonstrate integrity and creative problem-solving at all times."

What else do our clients say about us?

"Pepper Foster is one company that knows exactly what they are doing and have put together the perfect team."

"The consulting team are professionals with diverse and experienced background in business strategy, planning, organizing, and process implementation. All of the things that can help any business scale."

"I was very impressed with Pepper Foster's processes and results... they delivered on 100% of what we asked for and exceeded expectations in many ways."

"The consultant team at Pepper Foster really do pay attention to the client. From my experience, they showed genuine interest, accompanied with strategic planning to help my business succeed."

"All the consultants we have hired have been high performers and have been able to make an immediate impact to our mission."

“Always great partners with a very broad, strategic perspective and quick to assess and understand the business to add value.”

"The Pepper Foster consultants I have worked with are all very knowledgeable, add tremendous value, and are always going above and beyond their roles to ensure success and that goals are met."

“Great Project Managers and leadership. The people we worked with were all very highly skilled with extensive experience in the areas we desired.”

"The Pepper Foster consultants have generated great value."

"Superb consultants."

"Exceptional service."

"Excellent quality of work."

"It's clear Pepper Foster finds quality talent."

"Our experience was so excellent... just keep doing what you are doing - you do it so well."

"Excellent resources, responsive and mindful management."

"I really like Pepper Foster from a values and mission perspective. They also understand our markets."

"Great partners"

“PFC does a great job in attracting and delivering talent. All of the consultants that I have partnered with have a great skillset as well as soft skills.”

“Their team was professional, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.”

Here are just a few examples of where we've made a difference for our clients:

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