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When everybody is on board and rowing in the same direction success is almost guaranteed but when they’re not, success is often elusive. Increase success by engaging essential customers, partners, leaders, board members, employees, and community members. Gather input and fine-tune visions, strategies, goals, concepts, and ideas, garnering alignment and active support toward successful outcomes.

Strategic or Project Drift Means You Have A Stakeholder Alignment Issue

If your organization is struggling to implement a strategy, vision, or project, it’s almost definitely because you have have a stakeholder alignment issue. When leaders and employees aren't fully bought in and aligned, they generally don’t push back, they just quietly fail to implement the new direction. And, even passive resistance from a couple of disenchanted people can kill progress.

Elements of Effective Stakeholder Alignment

To get stakeholders aligned you need patience, targeted and customized communications, and change leadership.

Stakeholder Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify and understand key stakeholders, their interests, and their influence on the organization. Through stakeholder mapping and engagement assessment, we gain insights into stakeholder expectations and concerns.

Communication and Engagement Strategies

We develop tailored communication and engagement strategies to foster open dialogue and meaningful collaboration among stakeholders. Our team facilitates workshops, meetings, and other interactive sessions to encourage active participation and alignment.

Vision and Goal Alignment

We work closely with stakeholders to establish a shared vision and goals that align with the organization's overall objectives. By aligning stakeholder interests with the organization's strategic direction, we ensure collective buy-in and commitment to the desired outcomes.

Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building

You can’t hope to achieve strategic alignment if people aren’t allowed or encouraged to voice their unease. We embrace and address conflicts and disagreements through structured dialogue and conflict resolution techniques. Our facilitators create a safe space for stakeholders to air their issues and differences and find common ground, build consensus, and make informed decisions that benefit the organization as a whole.


After stakeholders have worked together to collectively address and ideally solve the risks, issues, and unease being voiced, everybody must leave the room committed to the new direction and actions necessary to implement it, irrespective of whether they agree or disagree with it. Everybody must agree to AC/DC - Agree & Commit or Disagree & Commit. 

Stakeholder Engagement Monitoring

We establish mechanisms to monitor stakeholder engagement and satisfaction throughout the project or initiative. By regularly assessing stakeholder feedback and adjusting strategies as needed, we ensure ongoing alignment and proactive management of stakeholder relationships.

Intentional Culture Setting

We help you craft a deliberate organizational culture built on clear values and common goals that creates a shared sense of purpose among stakeholders and paves the way for alignment and collaboration.

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