Supply Chain Consulting for the 21st Century

As well as operational efficiency, today’s supply chains need to factor in brand impact, politics, the circular economy, security, climate change regulation, and a radically changing customer and product environment

Your Supply Chain Defines You

Supply Chain strategy is no longer just about ‘just in time’ and cost efficiency. It’s not even just about onshore vs. offshore, supply chain security, and sustainability. It’s about brand impact, politics, the circular economy, climate change and climate change driven regulation, and a radically changing customer and product environment where customers are increasingly spread out, supply chain aware, and demanding. It’s also about designing a supply chain that will function in an environment where products and service expectations are increasingly digital and less and less physical. 

Are You Ready for the Supply Chain Demands of the Next 10 years, Gen Z, and the Metaverse?

Designing your supply chain not just for cost efficiency and reliability but also for brand identity, culture, and flexibility to changing customer demographics and demands and changes in the global political landscape isn’t easy, but it is essential. 

Is your supply chain capable of handling not just another pandemic but another war in Europe or Asia? A breakdown in relations with China? A culture war attack from the left or right here in America? New climate change regulation? A changing climate? A customer population that is moving out of cities, prioritizing digital assets over physical ones, and expecting transparency and visibility? 

A Healthy Supply Chain Always Functions

A healthy supply chain can handle just about anything that’s thrown at it and enhances the brand perception of your company, products, and services. A healthy supply chain is therefore optimized but flexible, strategic but pragmatic, sustainable but cost efficient, brand aware, and future proofed.

Pepper Foster’s Supply Chain Consulting services include: 

Strategic Goals & Organizational Alignment

Defining and aligning your supply chain strategy and goals with your company strategy and goals

End-to-End Supply Chain Assessment

Assessing the current state of your supply chain, it’s ability to meet the strategic and organizational goals, and identifying gaps, opportunities, and bottlenecks

Brand Informed Supply Chain Planning

Understanding the brand identity goals of the company and each product and designing supply chains that enhance and support those goals

Supply Chain Informed Product Design & Pricing

Collaborating with product design and marketing so they understand and leverage the benefits and opportunities presented by the supply chain in product and service design and pricing

Climate Change & Climate Change Driven Regulation

Analyzing and understanding how both climate change, and new regulations designed to fight it, will impact your business and supply chain and developing strategies and tactics that will not only help you survive but thrive

Sustainability & The Circular Economy

Assessing how you can leveraging new sustainability and circular economy best practices to enhance supply chain efficiency and brand impact

Network Optimization

Optimizing your network for capacity, cost, speed, risk, sustainability, quality, and brand perception

Digital Supply Chain Planning

Using digital tools to enhance supply chain operations and performance AND building your digital supply chain for the digital products and services your company is and will offer in the  future

Reporting and Performance Monitoring

Real time insights into supply chain performance to enable data-driven decision making and proactively address issues and seize opportunities 

Demand Planning and Forecasting

Achieve optimal inventory levels, minimize stockouts, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize supply chain efficiency

Logistics Planning

Smooth transportation, warehousing, and distribution processes for enhanced operational efficiency

Risk Management

Proactive risk identification, mitigation, and management strategies to safeguard your supply chain from disruptions and ensure continuity

Supplier Collaboration and Relationship Management

Forging strong, strategic supplier partnerships based on open collaborative relationships with shared goals, mutual benefit, optimized contracts, and performance measurement

Technology Enablement

Leveraging cutting-edge supply chain technologies to elevate your supply chain agility and responsiveness and enhance customer experience and service levels

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