Agile Delivery and DevOps Strategy Consulting

Faster, incremental product delivery is essential for achieving results that shatter expectations. Pivot on a dime and innovate at the speed of sprint. Our Agile and DevOps Strategy Consulting services are designed to help organizations adopt the Agile frameworks and methods to dramatically improve collaboration and flexibility, and deliver higher quality products faster while responding to changing customer needs more effectively.

What to Expect from Agile Delivery and DevOps Strategy Consulting

In a fast-paced and large-scale ecosystem, continuous improvements are paramount. Agile Delivery and DevOps Strategy Consulting allows you to eliminate silos, streamline results, reduce waste, accelerate outcomes, and improve quality. All while reducing the amount of effort it takes to develop and deploy solutions. 

We'll help you embrace the Agile methodology to develop and continuously improve products more rapidly. You’ll leverage the expertise of certified Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and SAFe Framework Consultants to integrate DevOps best practices and coach and transform your team.

DevOps Roadmap Development

Develop an end-to-end roadmap for developing and adopting a DevOps Strategy in your organization, where development and operations are married, supporting a high-speed pipeline. This means technical environments are optimized, feedback loops are tightened, reviews will happen quickly, and innovation will be accelerated. 

Agile Transformation

Transform your product development processes through the tailored adoption of the Agile methodology. This can include Agile coaching, training, and process implementation.

Agile Delivery Services

Lean on our range of Agile Delivery services and exerts to help you lead projects, manage backlogs, develop user stories, plan and review sprints.

DevOps Integration

Integrate DevOps practices into your product development processes to improve collaboration, speed up delivery, and vastly improve product quality.

Agile Coaching and Support

Utilize ongoing Agile coaching and support to help your organization continuously improve its Agile practices and optimize your product development processes.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Shrink timelines and regularly improve by continuously integrating and deploying new projects and initiatives. 

Automated Testing and Monitoring

We assist organizations in developing processes for automated testing and monitoring, so that performance stays optimal while effort remains low-touch. 

With our Agile Delivery solution, you can expect to:

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