IT Program & Project Management

Ensure the success of IT software development, ERP, and infrastructure projects with experienced IT project and program managers that not only leverage best practices like Agile, SAFe, ITIL, ASAP, and PMBOK but also take ownership and accountability for outcomes.

Our solution is designed to meet the unique challenges faced by IT programs and projects, combining industry best practices with our team of experienced project managers and certified professionals. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, goals, and constraints, enabling us to deliver tailored project management strategies that align with their business objectives.

Our services include:

  1. Program and Project Planning: We collaborate with stakeholders to develop comprehensive project plans, including scope definition, resource allocation, timelines, and risk management strategies. Our project managers employ proven methodologies to ensure effective planning and alignment with organizational goals.
  2. Project Execution and Monitoring: Our experienced project managers oversee project execution, ensuring adherence to timelines, quality standards, and budget constraints. We employ robust project monitoring tools to track progress, identify risks, and proactively address issues, ensuring project milestones are achieved.
  3. Stakeholder Communication and Collaboration: We facilitate effective communication and collaboration among project stakeholders, ensuring alignment, engagement, and timely decision-making. Our project managers act as liaisons between technical teams and business stakeholders, ensuring clear understanding and mutual satisfaction.
  4. Project Governance and Quality Assurance: We establish governance frameworks and quality assurance processes to ensure compliance, minimize risks, and optimize project outcomes. Our focus on governance and quality assurance helps organizations achieve project success and maximize return on investment.

With our IT Program & Project Management solution, organizations can expect:

How we help our clients

Success Story

Enhancing Security for Growth While Streamlining Resources

Optimizing IT resources to fuel growth for a diversified and growing holdings company.

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Success Story

Sunsetting a Legacy Master Data Management System

IT Program & Project Management for a National Retail Company

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Success Story

Keeping the lights on (and GRC) for a utility company

Mitigating critical risks for a Pacific Northwest utility company by upgrading its GRC platform and aligning it with ERP systems, ensuring compliance and system control.

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