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About Us

Pepper Foster Consulting is a strategy and project execution consulting firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in helping our clients turn their ideas and concepts into transformative realities and we exist to make a difference; for our clients, for our people, and for our community.

Pepper Foster consultants have been trusted to advise, elaborate, and lead the strategy, analysis, and execution of a host of mission critical initiatives and projects for a wide variety of clients. Clients like Daimler, Regence/Cambia, Davis Wright Tremaine, NWEA, Providence, Pacificorp, Microsoft, AT&T, T-Mobile, Craft Brew Alliance, Schnitzer Steel, TriQuint, Blount, Tillamook, Samsung, JH Kelley, KLC, Wacom, Northwest Bank, Central City Concern, and many others. Projects that involved investments totaling from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars and resulted in major new products, services and revenue streams, huge cost savings, substantial productivity improvements, and broad gains in customer experience, goodwill, revenue, margin, and market share.

In addition, Pepper Foster consultants also use their expertise and passion to drive and help with projects that impact our community. Projects that range in scope from helping a local non-profit expand their social enterprise to leading the effort to bring the Summer Olympics to Oregon in 2028. We believe the role of business in society is changing, and we intend to be at the forefront of those changes. Our goal is not only to be the best consulting firm in Oregon, but to be the company that had the biggest positive impact on the lives of Oregonians in the first half of the 21st Century.

We think & act differently. We listen. We stimulate growth.

  • As one of our clients said recently, "What makes your firm different is that your people think differently. And they listen. They deliver what I want, and then they tell me the eight other things I need to be thinking about. You stimulate growth in your clients."

We’re local; our success is 100% dependent on your success, and we’re going to see you around

  • Unlike other firms that travel into Portland and Oregon to deliver work, or sell and travel to deliver work in other cities, our consultants live and work here in Oregon
  • Our success is 100% dependent on the results we deliver for our local Oregon based clients and the reputation we develop as a result
  • We’re going to bump into you at New Seasons, soccer practice, City Club, Rotary, local charity fundraisers, and networking events

We turn concepts and ideas into transformative realities

  • Like most consultants, we are experts in managing and executing well defined projects and programs, but, unlike most other firms, we can also take a nebulous and unformulated thought, challenge, or opportunity, and drive it through a process of elaboration, analysis, planning, and execution, to turn it something tangible, that makes a real difference
  • We’ve been trusted to advise, elaborate, and lead the strategies, analyses, and execution of a host of mission-critical initiatives and projects, for a wide variety of clients
  • Our projects have resulted in major new products, services and revenue streams, huge cost savings, substantial productivity improvements, and broad gains in customer experience, goodwill, revenue, margin, and market share

We’re fun to work with, because our people are amazing

  • Our consultants are not only great, they’re humble, smart, honest, passionate, and fun to work with
  • They’re committed to excellence, to always going above and beyond, and to always making a difference
  • We trust our people to do the right thing, because we hire people we can trust
  • We don’t make our consultants sign non-competes because we want them to work with us for the all the right reasons, not because they can’t work anywhere else

We care about our clients, our community, and our city

  • We help our clients not only achieve their business goals, but realize their personal and professional dreams
  • We inspire & lead huge community projects that will make a difference for Oregonians, like bringing the Olympics to Oregon
  • Our people are expected, and paid to volunteer with local charities and we invest and support local startups and non-profits with pro-bono, reduced rate, and shared risk reward consulting arrangements

We’re not just in business to make our partners and owners rich

  • We’re here to make a difference; to make things better; for our clients, our people and our community
  • We seek out, inspire, nurture, and turn life changing ideas into amazing realities
  • Our biggest goal isn’t to be the largest company in Oregon, it’s to be the company that had the biggest positive impact on the lives of Oregonians in the first half of the 21st Century

We have a track record of success

  • Our consultants have helped a wide variety of clients develop and launch major new products, services and revenue streams, achieve huge cost savings, deliver substantial productivity improvements, and realize broad gains in customer experience, goodwill, revenue, margin, and market share
  • Our leadership team has led two other consulting firms to recognition as the best company to work for in Oregon while dramatically increasing the revenues and profitability of both

Over the next few years Pepper Foster Consulting will become not only the best consulting firm in Portland, but also the best company to work for in Oregon, and a firm renowned for the positive impact it has on its clients & communities. We’ll achieve this by hiring and partnering with great people. People who share and exhibit the values and attributes we hold dearest:


When you enjoy what you do, work is easy, so you achieve more. A large part of that enjoyment comes from the attitude and approach of the people you work with. At Pepper Foster, we hire people that are fun to work with because we want our clients to enjoy working with us, and to achieve more.


Another critical ingredient to being successful and having fun at work is working with people who are smart. Smart people aren’t just intelligent, they’re also emotionally mature. So they don’t just solve problems quickly, they face and work through challenges calmly. Smart people make things easier, because they get things done faster, more efficiently, and with a lot less stress.


We deliberately hire consultants that are passionate about what they do and about making a difference for our clients and communities. Because passion is contagious. And it inspires all of us to stretch, and accomplish more than we thought was possible.


Honesty and integrity are essential at Pepper Foster. Without it, our clients would lose faith in the advice and counseling we provide. That’s why Pepper Foster consultants are always honest, even if it’s bad or unpleasant news, and even if it costs us a project or an opportunity.


The only way to achieve anything really meaningful is to collaborate with people who complement your strengths and weaknesses. This is especially true in consulting, where it is impossible to achieve anything without the support, guidance, and collaboration of our clients.


To be truly humble, you must also be great. At Pepper Foster we hire people who are great. People with brilliant minds, emotional maturity, a dedication to excellence, and a commitment to always doing the right thing, and to making a difference.


Pepper Foster Consultants understand that to be truly great, they must also be humble. Humility ensures that they remain open to the opinions and ideas of others, and to the possibility they may be wrong. It also means they understand and compensate for their own weaknesses pro-actively.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to be recognized by a major publication as the company that had the biggest positive impact on the lives of Oregonians in the first half of the 21st Century.

How we’ll achieve that isn’t clear yet. And it doesn’t have to be. What’s important is that we are focused on something bigger than ourselves. That we aspire to do something amazing. Something our grandchildren will talk about.

Maybe we’ll have helped create lots of high paying jobs in Oregon by working with local government and industry to attract and support the most successful businesses and start-ups. Maybe we’ll have helped impact the quality of life of Oregonians by inspiring, supporting and nurturing a brilliant person with a big idea. Maybe we’ll have helped put Oregon on the world map by leading the bid for Portland to host the Summer Olympics. Or maybe we’ll have done all of those things, and more!

Our goals for the first five years are a little more modest, but even they include a test run for the BHAG:

Establish Pepper Foster as the best consulting company in Portland

  • Most highly regarded and in demand

  • Best place to work in Oregon

  • 100% client satisfaction and repeat business rate

Create a company culture that is fun, collaborative, passionate, honest, and great

  • Highest voluntary retention rate in the industry

  • Active engagement in team & community events

  • Overwhelmingly positive client feedback

Make a difference for our clients, our city, and our community

  • Individual clients are recognized and promoted

  • Client businesses grow, and create more jobs

  • Portland economy grows faster than other cities

  • Quality of life for people in our community improves

Do something really amazing for Portland

  • Something that improves people’s lives, something we can all be very proud of, and something we'll tell our grandchildren about

Great ideas can come from anywhere – from established global corporations, small start-ups, or from individuals. Sometimes an idea may be small and come from a project to simplify a business process, or implement a new system. Other times an idea may be big and borne of necessity, as a result of facing a challenge or threat. And occasionally, a great idea just comes to somebody out of the blue. At Pepper Foster we are always on the look-out for great ideas. And for opportunities to inspire and nurture them. In fact, that’s where our name comes from:

Pepper stimulates and inspires the taste buds, and enhances natural flavors by adding heat and excitement. It also has amazing health benefits, like fighting inflammation and reducing stress.

Foster means to help something grow and develop, to provide care and nurturing.

That’s what we do at Pepper Foster. We stimulate and inspire our clients and their ideas. And then we help to enhance, grow, develop and nurture them into amazing realities. Along the way, we also help fight the stress, anger, and doubt that often accompanies doing something new, hard, and different.