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Success Story

Making the Case for Oregon to Host the Olympics


Hosting the Summer Olympics can not only bring huge global exposure and billions of dollars of revenue from sponsorships, TV rights, tourism, and business, it can also provide host cities with a catalyst and platform to effect massive positive change. For example, as a direct result of hosting the games in 1992, Barcelona halved its long-term unemployment rate and went from an industrial backwater to the world’s 11th most popular tourist destination. Could Portland and Oregon benefit in a similar way from hosting the Summer Olympics?


A feasibility study was conducted to understand if Portland and Oregon are capable of hosting the Summer Olympics and meeting the stringent requirements outlined by the IOC. Detailed analysis into existing and needed venues and infrastructure, In order to be selected, a city needs to have achieved the support and engagement of their community and government, secured private and public funding to pay for new infrastructure and facilities, and put together a bid that proves it can successfully host the world’s greatest athletic spectacle. Before moving forward with constructing a bid, it was therefore necessary to first understand if Portland and Oregon hosting the 2028 Summer Olympics was feasible


Portland and Oregon offer the perfect combination of geography, climate, infrastructure, and culture to host the Games and support is being generated from local business and community organizations to support the bid.

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