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Success Story

Enhancing Security for Growth While Streamlining Resources

Transformative IT Project Management Services


A completed IT assessment identified three areas for the Holding Company to address to facilitate their continued growth and streamline their IT resources. 

  1. Select a Penetration testing provider to perform a risk assessment to identify current vulnerabilities to IT infrastructure and expose risks within the underlying holding companies. 
  2. The current IT Helpdesk provider exiting the local market and a new IT Helpdesk provider selection was required. 
  3. Acquiring new holdings resulted in each company having its own tenant with no standardization or shared IT infrastructure. Creating a plan to migrate current users and data would standardize their IT infrastructure for future acquisitions.


Pepper Foster led the Holding company and the individual holdings IT Teams through the IT initiatives


The Holding company identified the current risks in their IT infrastructure and implemented the proposed solutions to mitigate the identified risks. 

Based on the evaluation of IT Helpdesk providers, the client selected a new provider and executed a service agreement. 

The newly selected IT Helpdesk provider has a clear plan to migrate the current users and data to single tenants and the Holdings company has standard IT resource requirements for future acquisitions.

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