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Success Story

Changing the Growth Model


With over 800 veterinary hospitals across the United States and over a billion dollars in revenue, one of the world’s largest veterinary healthcare provider’s growth was starting to slow. To this point, the provider had grown through partnership opportunities, acquisitions, and a franchising model that allowed for 30 hospitals per year to be added to the provider network. To continue their run of success, the provider needed to adopt new strategies for sustainable growth and the solution needed to be standardized for easy replication, cost-effective, and aligned with the overall mission of the company.


Project management and change management processes were implemented to create a standardized hospital opening process, schedule, and support structure for sustainable growth. The consultant facilitated project planning, including scoping, implementation, and succession planning to ensure a sustainable growth model was put in place. Along the way, a SharePoint network was developed and implemented for file sharing and collaboration between HQ departments and field leaders. New growth opportunities were also identified and vetted by the consultant to increase market capture rate within the veterinary industry.


The project resulted in a sustainable stand-alone hospital opening model with 50 hospitals opened in the first year and 50 scheduled and in process for the next. The consultant also implemented a 12-week standardized schedule to reduce hospital delays and facilitate project reinforcement and best practice implementation. Upon project completion, succession planning was in place for a sustainable model, and additional growth opportunities had been identified through an acquisition and integration model.

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