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Success Story

Aligning the Executive Team & Board on a Bold Growth Strategy

Stakeholder Alignment Consulting


This market leading, publicly traded restaurant franchise company was not achieving the growth or financial results it wanted, or that its external investors were demanding. The executive leadership team and board of directors had a number of ideas for strategies and tactics that could accelerate growth, but had not yet had the opportunity to elaborate, analyze and prove the feasibility of those ideas, and were not yet aligned on a path forward.


Pepper Foster was engaged to work with key members of the leadership team to analyze and elaborate the identified concepts and strategies, and to facilitate two separate full-day offsite strategy sessions with the leadership team, and board of directors. Pepper Foster developed detailed current state and historical financial analyses; analyzed competitors and industry trends and performance; identified trends, correlations and causations for growth and store performance; developed and elaborated strategies, tactics and concepts to accelerate growth and improve financial performance; facilitated strategic discussions and workshops with the leadership team and board of directors; identified and achieved alignment on the goals, metrics, guidelines and constraints that will measure and guide the business over the next 2, 5, 10 and 20 years; fleshed out and confirmed the strategies and tactics that will be employed to achieve the goals.


The executive leadership team and board of directors are aligned. Key goals, constraints, strategies, and tactics have been identified and proven. Morale and positivity within the leadership team and the board has improved. The company is executing a strategy that should result in both short-term improvements as well as provide and enhance a solid foundation for long-term growth and sustainability.

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