Do you have the PFC Mentality?

To be a consultant at Pepper Foster Consulting you need to exhibit and embody the values and attributes we call the Pepper Foster Consulting Mentality:


Pepper Foster consultants are able to very quickly process, learn, and apply lessons and knowledge in a way that makes a difference. They're book smart, street smart, people smart, and work smart, without being a smart ass!


Motivated by success and growth, Pepper Foster consultants want to get things done and make a difference for our clients, our people, our community, our company, and themselves. They want to elevate their own skills and performance so they can be even more effective and impactful and help others achieve their goals and dreams.


Pepper Foster consultants are open to the opinions and ideas of others and the possibility that they might be wrong. They know and compensate for their own weaknesses proactively and work with others rather than to them, at them, or for them. PFC consultants share the glory and don't need to be seen as the smartest person in the room. 


Pepper Foster Consultants work well with others and naturally form complementary teams where collective strengths overcome individual weaknesses. They are willing and able to lead, follow, and do menial tasks depending on the situation and are always positive in the way they engage.


Pepper Foster consultants always tell the truth, even when it hurts them, even when it's embarrassing, and even when it's difficult. They never never lie or spin to get something, they simply tell the truth in a way that it will be heard and understood.  


Pepper Foster consultants care about the company, the work, themselves, and, most importantly, our client's success. They are motivated by and committed to making a difference and express ideas, recommendations, feelings, and beliefs in a way that others find compelling.


Pepper Foster consultants don’t just ask what and when, they ask why. They look at things holistically, considering not just the objectives and goals but also the team, culture, market, history, and politics. They proactively identify impacts, risks, issues, and concerns and look ahead and round the corner so they can help their clients see and prepare for what’s coming.


Pepper Foster consultants are confident in their ability to recognize, analyze, and resolve difficult and challenging situations. They thrive when given autonomy, are not afraid to figure stuff out, and don't need their hand held or to be given detailed directions to be effective.


Pepper Foster consultants are self-motivated, self-managed, worthy of autonomy, and a safe pair of hands. They never drop the ball, never need to be managed or chased, always take notes, always plan, and always follow through.  


Pepper Foster consultants are generous with their time, skills, and knowledge. They naturally share credit and and are inspired by helping others grow and be successful.


Pepper Foster consultants are happy and fun to work with. They see the glass half full, enjoy the work we do at Pepper Foster, and are positive in their outlook on life. When faced with difficult and challenging situations, their optimism is infectious and the people they interact with feel lifted, confident, and motivated.


Pepper Foster consultants are able to successfully traverse very difficult situations in a calm and logical manner. They adapt, overcome, move forward, and achieve success with little residual personal impact.


Pepper Foster consultants want to build and grow their career, move to the next level, and are willing and able to do what it takes to achieve that.


Pepper Foster consultants are able to work in different environments with different clients in different industries on different types of projects. They adapt easily to change, thrive in chaos, and are open to trying new things and getting outside of their comfort zone to grow.


Comfortable walking their path individually with little dependency on others, Pepper Foster consultants are able to resolve their own issues most of the time and quickly recognize and act to engage the support and guidance from others when they need it.


When people talk about Pepper Foster consultants they often use the word "great": A great person, a great friend, a great consultant, a great teammate. They are known as somebody who always delivers great work and is great at what they do. 


Pepper Foster consultants are able to to get others to engage and do things they wouldn't normally do or that are outside of their comfort zone. They make others feel happy, positive, engaged, motivated, and confident.


The confidence and humility that Pepper Foster leaders have means they are not only modest about their accomplishments but also openly discuss their weaknesses and can make fun of themselves and their quirks in front of others.


Pepper Foster partners are aware of and compensate for their weaknesses, shortcomings, and skill gaps. They understand their personal triggers, biases, and the traits that could negatively impact their performance, objectivity, leadership, and collaboration with others.


Pepper Foster partners are ready, willing, and able to put the needs of the company and others on the team ahead of themselves.  

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