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It's the People, Stupid - Discover Why Business Psychology Matters

How popular and proven human psychology models can be used to guide critical business and investment decision

By Pepper Foster

In the end, companies and non-profits are just collections of people who work together to create and deliver products and solutions that other people buy and consume. So the most important thing in business isn’t strategy, design, price, or even quality. It’s psychology and sociology. Applying proven psychological principles and models like Maslow’s Hierarchy and Erickson’s Eight Stages to your business can help it not only survive but thrive. 

That’s why we created Pepper’s Hierarchy and Pepper’s Eight Stages. Models that help you understand your company’s priorities and maturity.

Pepper’s Hierarchy allows you to quickly understand and communicate your organization’s most important and foundational needs, needs that must be addressed first to ensure survival, and also the things that are important to make the business great but that are at the top of the pyramid and therefore lower priority. Pepper’s Eight Stages helps you quickly assess the maturity stage or phase your business is in, and as a result, diagnose and clarify the root causes and foundational reasons underpinning many of the issues and challenges you are experiencing. Knowledge that will allow you to chart the path to the next stages of maturity and success for your business.

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