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7 Reasons Why You Should Work at Pepper Foster Consulting

By Caitlin Wahlers

Later next month, I’ll be celebrating my one-year work anniversary at Pepper Foster Consulting. I switched careers on the edge of the Great Resignation when the job market was at its bleakest in a century, and it was the best decision I could have made. I found a place amongst a group of humble and thoughtful individuals who have not only challenged me but have led with transparency, illustrating a robust interconnected community.

In my journey to find a new career, I was set on discovering an organization that lived and breathed its values. Little did I know that I would so easily find it here. At Pepper Foster Consulting, we support clients and help them turn their concepts and ideas into transformative realities. As a team member on the growth path (someone looking to advance their career), I’m also involved in the hiring process and provide candidates an employee perspective of our organizational culture, FSO & GSD (figure stuff out & get stuff done).

FSO & GSD is our company’s ethos. We have it painted on the walls, it’s referenced at internal meetings, and it is the guiding principle that drives us. To me, behind that simple phrase are seven beliefs that I've seen characterize the people and our work. While I can’t tell you where you’ll find the right fit, if you find yourself aligning with these core beliefs, then I invite you to reach out to learn more about joining our team.  

1) Autonomy

Pepper Foster Consulting hires smart and trustworthy people. As a result, our people are given the freedom to work in a way that suits them, we are actively engaged, and a culture of mutual trust is established.

2) Balance

Pepper Foster Consulting is a business, and it is actively balancing the need for company profit against the needs of employees and clients. We recognize that for clients to feel valued, supported, and to continue partnering with us; employees also need to feel valued, be rewarded, and actively engaged. When these three areas are harmoniously balanced the company is financially secure and can afford to invest more.

3) Candor

We foster a culture of caring by challenging people and clients directly because we care personally about them. This in turn builds trust, enables growth, and increases our effectiveness to leave a lasting impact.

4) Community

We live and work in the same communities. Cultivating an open, supportive, and engaged community within the company and by giving back, supporting, and helping our greater communities increases engagement, grows skills and allows us to make a difference.

5) Diversity

The health of our organization is dependent on embracing diversity, curiosity, and a strong desire to educate ourselves. This fosters an equitable, inclusive, and respectful culture that is vital to our growth and our people’s wellbeing.

6) Growth

We’re growing! It’s an exciting time because we are ramping up and growing the company, revenue, profit, team, skills, knowledge, attributes, and clients. We are creating new opportunities, facilitating investments, and positioning ourselves for success.

7) Transparency

Building trust through transparency. We are open and honest about the realities and motives that shape us and we share the details that are often hidden. As a result, this builds trust, reduces stress, and ensures nobody fills the vacuum with imagined realities or has to worry they’re being treated differently.

This all may sound too good to be true, I get it. Initially, I was skeptical if I made the right decision, (remote hire, new career, new city, etc.) but after a couple of team meetings that feeling quickly subsided. The FSO & GSD ethos took hold and it was brought to life by the people I’ve had the privilege of working alongside. If you are interested in talking with us at Pepper Foster Consulting then feel free to get in touch.

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