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Planning for Recovery

Get ready for the recovery now so you can lead in the future

By Pepper Foster

Even though everything is in turmoil right now, the one thing that’s certain about the COVID-19 pandemic is that it will end. When it does, there will be a recovery but it will be a recovery in a very different world and environment than before.

COVID-19 will change society, attitudes, and business norms forever

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting almost every facet of our lives, changing the way we work, socialize, and consume. Some of these changes will become the new normal. For example, now that barriers to working from home have been removed there will no longer be a need for most white collar labor to be physically close to an office. People will therefore be able to live and work wherever they want and organizations will be able to dramatically reduce their commercial real estate holdings and leases. Commuting will no longer be necessary for a large segment of society, radically impacting transportation, travel, broadcasting, advertising, the auto and energy industries, and the environment.

COVID-19 is also massively accelerating the trend towards online retail at the expense of brick and mortar stores. Social norms around human interaction and the consumption of services and entertainment are becoming more distant, more virtual, more separate. Attitudes towards and about the role and function of government, business, family, health, age, society, sports, entertainment, and politics will forever be altered. And the old cultural rules, wars, and expectations will soon be replaced with new cultural rules, wars, and expectations.

To be successful in the post COVID-19 world organizations need to start planning and positioning now

Companies and non-profits that align their organization, products, and services to take advantage of the recovery and new market norms will be the leaders of the next decade. Those who don't will find themselves left behind. Of course, it's difficult to plan for a recovery when you're in the middle of dealing with the challenges of the present. Right now, teams are focused mostly on survival, employee well being, and preserving shareholder value. They don't have time to worry about the future. But organizations that wait too long will find themselves behind when the recovery does come. And if that happens, they may never be able to catch up.

The Pepper Foster RAMP Methodology helps organizations not only Survive, but Revive, Drive, & Thrive

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to bring in consultants right now, leveraging Pepper Foster and our RAMP methodology now might just be the best money you've ever spent. We can help your organization not only survive this pandemic, but also revive, develop a sustainable model to drive while the pandemic continues, and implement the changes necessary to emerge and thrive in the post-COVID world. All while your own team is busy dealing with the issues and challenges of today,

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