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Our Strategy practice works with our clients to determine what to do and how to do it. We help our clients identify, evaluate, and elaborate ideas, strategies, concepts, goals, opportunities, and challenges that will make a real difference for their organization.

Strategy Success Stories:

Strategy Services:

Concept & Solution Ideation

Generate new revenue and reduce cost through innovation, including identifying, developing, prioritizing, and elaborating new ideas, concepts, offerings, systems, practices, processes, and approaches that successfully address untapped markets, systemic gaps, and new opportunities.

Feasibility Studies & Business Case Development

Proactively understand financial gains and expected results from investing time, money, and political capital in new products, services, processes, systems, mergers, acquisitions, or business ideas. Assess internal and external forces and consider quantitative and qualitative inputs and outcomes, including market, stakeholder, financial, operational readiness, feasibility, and acceptance.

Business & Supply Chain Optimization

Reduce costs and increase efficiency through optimizing key business and supply chain processes, systems, agreements, and partnerships. Remove unnecessary processes and costs and ensure the successful adoption and implementation of innovative streamlined processes, systems, and agreements.

IT Strategy

Ensure IT will meet future business expectations and financial objectives. Assess IT capability and ability to meet short, medium, and long-term business goals and strategies. Identify new and impending business drivers, technology, infrastructure changes, systems, and processes that will drive necessary evolutions, risks, and obsolescence. Develop comprehensive, prioritized, multi-year IT strategies and executable roadmaps to build out IT capabilities and enable business goals and strategies.

Market & Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking

Ensure ongoing competitiveness and exploit competitive advantages by analyzing and benchmarking against industry and market players. Empower business and competitive strategy through identifying new offerings, practices, processes, and opportunities.

Customer Experience (CX)

Transform customer interactions to keep them engaged with your brand. Understand how customers experience each touchpoint, and define strategies to improve customer retention and brand perception.

Stakeholder Engagement & Alignment

Significantly increase the likelihood of success by engaging essential customers, partners, leaders, board members, employees, and community members. Gather input and fine-tune visions, strategies, goals, concepts, and ideas, garnering alignment and active support towards successful outcomes.

Data Driven Strategy

Shift focus from gathering data to using data. Understand how data relates to business value and how to evolve the business to optimize results. Identify decision making value, benefits and risks versus data gathering costs to determine when and how to make critical strategic decisions.

Go-to-Market Strategy Development

Optimize revenue and market share through evaluating customer segments, markets, timing, positioning, pricing, branding, channels, and other marketing and support considerations.

Partner, Software, Vendor: Assessment & Selection

Select the best partner, vendor, and software based on unique business needs, priorities, values, and well-defined criteria. Assess available options quantitatively and qualitatively, gaining alignment from key stakeholders and subject matter experts to enable adoption and adaption.

Our Execution practice helps our clients get stuff done. We provide experienced, dedicated, and motivated professionals who work side-by-side with client teams to execute critical business and IT initiatives.

Execution Success Stories:

Execution Services:

Business Program & Project Management

Realize critical goals and gains from program and project execution that is deeply rooted in business strategy. Execute against strategic objectives and roadmaps with experienced consultants who target results, simplify complexity, overcome challenges, and achieve valuable transformative outcomes.

IT Program & Project Management

Ensure the success of IT software development, ERP, and infrastructure projects with experienced program and project managers leveraging best practices and methodologies including Agile, SAFe, ITIL, ASAP, PMBOK, etc.

Business Analysis

Enable change to business and IT operations, systems, and processes by comprehensively defining requirements, developing detailed process maps and documentation, and conducting stakeholder interviews and workshops. Design solutions that efficiently and holistically solve organizational problems.

Business Process Improvement

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by optimizing key business processes with process improvement methodologies like LEAN / Kaizen and Six Sigma / DMAIC.

IT User Experience & Customer Satisfaction

Improve IT customer satisfaction, relationships and user experience with IT customer ‘marriage counseling’, IT User Experience workshops, and by identifying and developing IT Champions.

PMO Implementation

Increase the success of business and IT portfolios, programs, and projects by establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) and adopting best practices for program and project management, stakeholder engagement, communication, change leadership, and strategy alignment.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity and recovery in the event of a disaster, major system failure, or facility outage through the identification and removal of single points of failure, and the establishment and adoption of recovery/continuity plans and processes.

ITIL & IT Service Management

Improve IT efficiency, uptime, and business alignment through the implementation of ITIL and IT Service Management best practices.