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Pepper Foster Consulting's RAMP Methodology

Forecasts for the progression and end of the COVID-19 pandemic vary from ‘it will all be over by the summer’ to ‘it's only just begun and the second wave is going to be far worse.' All that we know for sure is that to survive, and hopefully thrive in the future, organizations need to make changes and adapt to the new realities. And they need to do it now.

"To survive in these uncertain times organizations need to think like start-ups"

Planning and executing change in times of uncertainty is incredibly difficult. Not only can assumptions be incorrect and subject to change, organizations need to be ready to pivot and move at a moment's notice based on changes in the market and environment. In short, all organizations need to think and act like start-ups.

Pepper Foster Consulting's RAMP Methodology helps organizations not only Survive, but Revive, Drive, & Thrive

Pepper Foster’s RAMP Methodology leverages proven strategy, PMO, change leadership, and SAFe best practices to help our clients identify, prioritize, and make the changes necessary to not only survive this pandemic but to successfully drive through its uncertainty, and position their teams and organizations for success in the future. RAMP helps even large global organizations embrace and leverage agility.

RAMP includes all the elements you need to be successful:

  • Our rapid operational assessment tool to quickly evaluate the scale and probability of impacts across 12 key operational areas
  • Our priority matrix generator to quickly highlight hot spots and identify areas for attention and change
  • Our adaptive and iterative planning and execution approach to ensure the organization remains agile and is ready and able to pivot based on the emerging environment
  • Our adaptive program management office structure to ensure identified areas and initiatives are addressed and executed successfully and efficiently
  • Our proven change leadership, engagement, and communication strategies and plans to ensure teams are aware, capable and engaged in executing and supporting changes they and the organization need to make
  • Our proven A-Team consultants to work side by side with your team in the development and execution of your COVID Drive & Thrive Strategy and Plan

Schedule an initial consultation to see how RAMP can help your organization

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