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Our people love working at Pepper Foster

Pepper Foster Consulting was designed from the ground up to be a great place to work and build a career and we are very proud that we have been recognized nationally and locally as one of the best companies to work for in America. We're also very proud that we have an Employee Net Promoter Score of 80.

What is Employee Net Promoter Score?

Employee Net Promoter Score has become an industry standard for measuring employee satisfaction and loyalty. eNPS scores range from -100 to +100 and a score of 10 to 30 is generally considered to be a good score. The published eNPS for Deloitte in the US is 24 for example. Accenture scored 14 and PwC scored 0. So, a score of 90, truly is world class.

We are very proud of our company and culture and very grateful for our employees and their support. To understand how Pepper Foster Consulting can delight, impress, and make a difference for you, click the Join link above, or send us an email at join@pepperfoster.com.

What do our employees say we do really well?

"Focus on its people's happiness, success, and balance between work, life, and community."

"Putting action behind words and giving back to the community through pro-bono or reduced rate consulting services for non-profit organizations. Taking sustainability seriously. Recruiting and retaining high-caliber individuals, each of whom have amazing gifts on and off the field. The whole of Pepper Foster is more than the sum of its parts."

"Transparency: the bi-weekly updates and transparency around salary and levels is truly valued."

"They do a fantastic job of maintaining transparency across all levels of the firm. They also have exceeded all expectations when it comes to rewarding and recognizing their employees. I have been promoted based on my potential and current performance, without having to “prove” that I’m already doing the job or announce what role I am going for."

"Culture/Community: Even during a pandemic, the team stayed connected, and managed to provide some relief from the daily stresses for team members and their family members! It's clear that everyone cares about the well-being of their PFC colleagues and will go above and beyond to support each other."

"PFC is very transparent about what is happening so no one feels caught off guard. Employees are allowed to share ideas openly and honestly without fear of dismissal, most of the time ideas for improvement are taken seriously and acted upon. Leadership makes itself available to everyone, no matter what level or how tenured you are and everyone is given a voice."

"Foster a positive culture and teamwork. Also, leadership transparency. It is a great place to work."

"The level of transparency from leadership is unmatched. Strong, consistent belief in doing the right thing. The priorities of the business reinforce the firm's people-first mentality."

"Care. Investing time and resources to do the job right. Caring about how each and every associate shows up. Caring about people. Period. Caring about the community. Ensuring that they hire highly capable individuals with the ability to authentically connect to their clients."

"Transparency, trust, communication. Fun events and collaboration. A team of really smart, really good people. The most ethical company I’ve been with."


"I believe they do well at everything they commit to doing. They will not take on a client where they donot think they can add true value."

"Leadership, Transparency, DEI Culture, Community Impact Investment and participation, quickly engaging team members into client opportunities, compensation and benefits model!"

What else do our employees say about us?

"Excellent environment, leadership integrity, HR policy."

"The culture is incredibly positive."  

"PFC very strongly resonates with my core values and what is important in a company. A culture of fairness and respect for everyone's voice regardless of level is something I've felt has always been lacking in a big 5 culture."

"The quality of the team. The transparency and integrity of the leadership. The way they treat their colleagues and clients."

"PFC is filled with great people, who also are great consultants. My colleagues are dedicated to building careers, community, and culture. I love being a member of this team!"

"Pepper Foster is an enjoyable place to work with strong values and a place you can grow personally and professionally. The company genuinely cares for its employees"

"Pepper Foster continues to cultivate a supportive and intellectually challenging work environment. The leadership team is authentic and leads by example stressing transparency across the firm."

"PFC is a great place to work!"

"We all work together to foster a successful firm and enjoyable, productive atmosphere to work."

"Ease of access to stellar leadership, mentorship, career development and growth opportunities, transparency, open communication; it's an honor to be part of a team that holds up its integrity, inclusivity, respect, humility and fun."

"I'm proud of working for this company. I feel confident recommending PFC to others (which I've done a few times already), knowing that they will enter into a supportive, fair, and transparent work environment."

"Pepper Foster is a great place to work. They are truly people first, whether that be employees, the community, or clients. PFC's response to COVID and the transparency throughout the pandemic has been refreshing and leaving me more and more happy to have joined the firm."

"Pepper Foster is a company to trust. Pepper Foster shows its commitment to building trust with consultants, clients, and the community each day."

"It is so fun to be a part of the PFC team I want my friends to also experience it and share the fun/culture with them."

"Great people and interesting assignments"

"Great people, great culture, transparent leaders that truly care about people and are honest about the trade-offs and realities of business."

"The firm philosophy is not just words on a wall or a website; it is actively lived and reflected through each and every associate."

"An amazing firm with great leadership, values, and people who all really care about each other and their clients, how they show up, and making this world a better place for everyone."

"Amazing team that FSO and GSD!"

"The leadership team thinks people first and leads with transparency. They’re committed to our people. The work is fun. There’s a ton of opportunity to show up in different ways. If you mess up, there’s understanding and an opportunity to learn from it."

"PFC takes good care of its employees, is a great community partner and works with a wide variety of local companies."

"At PFC I truly feel cared and valued as not only an employee, but a community member."

"I've never worked with a more transparent and caring company"